Talks & Courses

“The Art of Low Demand Parenting”

Dr Naomi Fisher, Clinical Psychologist & Eliza Fricker, author and illustrator guide you through the lows & highs of low demand parenting.

6 Episode Recorded Webinar
£30 per episode
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“How Do I Help My Child Who Doesn’t Want Help?”

Using her illustrations Eliza Fricker will present a talk about the characteristics of PDA, anxiety and demand avoidance and how we can best support our children at home and school.

For many families including Eliza’s, finding out about this has been the ‘light bulb moment’ after autism strategies and supports have been ineffective.

Eliza Fricker can share her presentation to parents as well teachers, psychologists and any other professionals who wish to know more about Pathological Demand Avoidance.

1 hour presentation plus Q&A session
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“Can’t Not Won’t”

A presentation on a mother’s journey navigating the education system and everyday life with a child who can’t go to school.

Using Eliza Fricker’s wry and detailed illustrations this talk provides insight to both parents and professionals wanting to hear the story and experiences from the author of Can’t Not Won’t.

30 minute presentation plus Q&A session
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“PDA – The Contented Childs Way”

A 5x module online presentation that includes illustrations and video of Missing The Mark, Eliza Fricker talks through ways to support our PDA person in our lives.

With gentle and empathetic approaches creating safety and in turn increasing capacity. Child centred, holistic and gentle this course is for anyone who wants to work alongside their young person through connection and understanding.

5 Video modules
Total running time 1.5 hours
£60 £40

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your selfless and vulnerable sharing is an offering of solidarity, peace and love to so many other families.” 

Kristy Forbes