Can’t Not Won’t

Eliza Fricker gets it. Her compelling, hard-hitting and irreverently humorous illustrations follow a family through the early days of school avoidance, the process of accessing support and the challenges of coping in the meantime. Can’t Not Won’t illuminates the absurdity and frustrations that often arise when dealing with health, social and educational systems, and will help any parent in the same boat feel seen. This guide acts as a way to communicate these difficult circumstances with others.

Wonderfully relatable, the book also includes written guidance for parents and professionals on what works best when it comes to managing school avoidance.

Written & Illustrated by Eliza Fricker.
Published Feb 21 2023.
RRP £14.99, Available directly from publisher Jessica KingsleyAmazon and other book sellers.

The Educator’s Experience of Pathological Demand Avoidance

During Laura Kerbey’s time teaching autistic children, she had a sudden realisation that those with Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA) are children like no other! None of her tried and tested autism strategies would work to help them focus or learn and most of her time was spent wondering, what am I doing wrong?

If you feel the same, this short, easy-to-read guide is here to teach you everything you need to know from one educator to another. With an introduction to what PDA is followed by PDA tailored advice on how to connect with your student and create an autonomous, spontaneous environment that is personalised for you both, this guide is here to ensure that you and your PDA student thrive!

Illustrated by the popular Eliza Fricker and packed with entertaining anecdotes (including one about Jabba the Hut’s poo), this go-to-guide contains everything you need to start implementing PDA friendly learning to help you connect with your student and help them make the most of their learning experience.

Written by Laura Kerbey.
Illustrated by Eliza Fricker.
Published Apr 21 2023.
RRP £13.99, Available directly from publisher Jessica Kingsley, Amazon and other book sellers.

Nuturing Your Autistic young Person

As the parent of a child recognised as autistic as a pre-teen or teen, it can often feel difficult to find the answers you need. Children who make it to late primary/early secondary age before being picked up by the system tend to present with traits that are harder to spot, meaning it can be harder to engage professionals in the diagnostic process and gather the necessary support.

Cathy Wassell, CEO of Autistic Girls Network, has tailored this handbook to support parents with older children or teenagers who are at the identification stage, walking them through the basics in an engaging and accessible manner. She addresses key challenges for this age group, including co-occurring conditions, puberty, and safeguarding, as well as looking to the future, advising on schooling options, and beyond.

Designed to help parents become fully informed and ensure a nurturing and positive environment for our autistic young people, this is a guide with a focus on difference – not deficit.

Written by Cathy Wassell.
Illustrated by Eliza Fricker.
Published Dec 21 2022.
RRP £14.99, Available directly from publisher Jessica Kingsley, Amazon and other book sellers.

The Family Experience of PDA

A fully illustrated light-hearted parenting guide to help raise children with PDA, because no one gets it like a PDA parent gets it.

Eliza Fricker describes her perfectly imperfect experience of raising a PDA child, with societal judgements and internal pressures, it is easy to feel overwhelmed, resentful and alone.

This book’s comedic illustrations explain these challenging situations and feelings in a way that words simply cannot, will bring some much-needed levity back into PDA parenting. Humorous anecdotes with a compassionate tone remind parents that they are not alone, and they’re doing a great job. If children are safe, happy, and you leave the house on time, who cares about some smelly socks?

A digestible guide to being a PDA parent covering everything from tolerance levels, relationships and meltdowns to collaboration, flexibility, and self care to dip in and out as your schedule allows to help get to grips with this complex condition.

This book is an essential read for any parent with a PDA child, to help better understand your child, build support systems and carve out some essential self care time guilt free.

RRP £12.99, Available directly from publisher Jessica Kingsley, Waterstones, Amazon and other book sellers.

“This book is the perfect tonic for frazzled loved ones of children with PDA. Perfectly imperfect, quirky and always en pointe, Eliza will make you nod and smile with her descriptions and illustrations whilst also providing you with a tonne of practical ideas without once seeming preachy.”
– Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Expert

In The Family Experience of PDA Eliza Fricker shares her heartfelt insights through an accessible illustrated volume that will be helpful to parents as they support, encourage, and manage their children who may have features of PDA. The book through words and pictures provides the important lessons she has learned about the sensitivities and regulatory capacity of her child. Eliza shares the basic principles that enabled her child and family to feel safer and to mutually enjoy daily interactions. We learn the power of softening the edges of restrictive parenting, which may function in more resilient children with higher thresholds to be reactive but is disastrous with a child with feature of PDA. We learn that a gentler less demanding, accepting, and positive playful parental strategy will lead to more cooperative behaviors and mutually rewarding co-regulatory interactions.
– Stephen W. Porges, PhD, Professor Department of Psychiatry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Not only did this book reassure me that I’m not a complete failure as a parent and going with what my child needs is exactly the right approach (flexibility, understanding, humour kindness and compassion as opposed to the “you just need to be a bit tougher” approach often said to me). I also picked up a few tricks too. Thank you so much and I recommend this to all other pda parents.”
– Amazon Reviewer

The book speaks directly to parents, is respectful of children and is honest yet never negative about the delicate dance which develops between parent and child – the illustrations bring it to life in a way words just can’t alone.
– Amazon Reviewer

Absolutely fantastic read, my son has PDA and this book is so so beautifully done with brilliant illustrations that made me chuckle because they are so true ! I will recommend this book forever it’s so fun and informative at the same time.
– Amazon Reviewer