Eliza Fricker can be booked for parent consultations and presentations on PDA and School Anxiety.

“It really helped to increase my knowledge and I found the personal anecdotes helpful for my understanding.”


How do I help my child who doesn’t want help?

Using her illustrations Eliza Fricker will talk about the characteristics of PDA, anxiety and demand avoidance and how we can best support our children at home and school.

For many families including Eliza’s, finding out about this has been the ‘light bulb moment’ after autism strategies and supports have been ineffective.

Presentation or Consultation

Eliza Fricker can share her presentation to parent groups, coffee mornings, support groups.

1- 1.5 hour presentation includes a Q&A at the end for parents.

Cost is £150.

Eliza also offers one hour private consultations for parents wanting their own advice for their families and children around PDA.

The cost for this is £40

For Educators.

How may children with anxiety present in the class/school environment and how can we support these children? Unfortunately when support comes, it is too late. How can we help these children before they can no longer access school?

Through a series of illustrations Eliza shares her story of what school anxiety is like for all involved and the importance of empathy.


Eliza Fricker has created a presentation for teachers, psychologists and any other professionals who want to understand the presentation of school anxiety and the effect on children and families.

1 hour presentation.

Cost is £150

Eliza is also able to offer her parents course on PDA to educators or professionals who would like to know more about demand avoidance and how best to support it in at home and school.

1-1.5 hour presentation.

Cost is £150

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I hope you enjoy my illustrations.

Please feel free to get in touch for if you would like to book a talk or commission illustrations.

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