An illustrated blog about a mother navigating the education system with a child who can’t go to school.

“Either we spend the time meeting children’s emotional needs by filling their cup with love or we spend the time dealing with the behaviours caused from their unmet needs. Either way we spend the time.” Pam Leo. Connection Parenting.

My Story

This is an illustrated blog about my journey as a mother navigating the education system for our child, about a diagnosis of autism, to an EHCP, looking at special schools, meetings, phone calls, emails and lots of paperwork. It’s about a child having to fit in and get on until they can’t do it anymore. One way doesn’t mean it’s the right way. The system nearly broke us but we survived it, partly through drawing, partly through ranting and with lots and lots of love and perseverance.

“I think you are an inspiration and making such a valuable contribution to an otherwise a lonely world from a parents perspective.”

Narges Gonzalez.
Inclusion Matters

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