About Missing The Mark

Eliza is an illustrator, author and mother.

Author of The Family Experience of PDA: An Illustrated Guide to Pathological Demand Avoidance published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers is to help parents as they support and encourage their children who may have features of PDA.

“The book speaks directly to parents, is respectful of children and is honest yet never negative about the delicate dance which develops between parent and child.”

She also writes and illustrates a blog “Missing the Mark”, a deeply personal and all too human exploration of a mother’s journey navigating the education system and everyday life with a child who can’t go to school.

Deceptively simple illustrations give way to endearingly perceptive and detailed observations, which are often irreverently humorous and highly emotional.

Missing the Mark is not only a beautiful artistic expression of difference in today’s society, it also serves as a thought provoking and valuable contribution to the visibility, acceptance and support of families like Eliza’s. It acts as a way to communicate difficult circumstances with teachers, educators, social workers, other parents and friends of those also experiencing these issues, with the hope of providing a drop more humanity in the world.

 “you capture the need to provide support and to witness without attribution of intention” Dr Stephen Porges

“Your blog is right on target in exposing your experiences of navigating society for a child with autism. You have my admiration!” Sir Albert Aynsley-Green

your selfless and vulnerable sharing is an offering of solidarity, peace and love to so many other families.Kristy Forbes

“I shared your beautiful and thought-provoking illustrations with colleagues in education psychology today- we all agreed they helped us see the world

differently through an important lens. Thank you for sharing with us.”  Early Help Camden

“I feel lucky to have the experience of others such as yourself to guide me, and to give me strength to say to the school, ‘appearing fine, doesn’t mean fine.

“Blooming brilliant.”

“I cannot express how much every word resonates with me.”

“This is just so unbelievably spot on”

“I hear you, I am you”

“Our life, thank you”

“Thank you for drawing my life”

“Nailed it again”

I hope you enjoy my illustrations.

Please feel free to get in touch for if you would like to book a talk, commission illustrations or would like to discuss a project or just to say hello.

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