New or Same?

You may be going into this year with gusto and confidence, a fresh start ready to deal with everything head on (even packed a notebook and have a folder this time)

You may be entering it with rage or frustration that you’ve let this mess drag on for as long as it has.

You may be feeling a strong need that this year is the year to shut it all out.. Close the door on this once and for all.

You may not be feeling like its a new or a fresh start because frankly, there is not a lot to be looking forward to.

Or it may all feel too much and you just want it to go away.

Whatever or whichever it is a New Year and while for many of us it may just be a calendar change with a few dark months ahead, it may also be the fresh start we need to make this year different in whatever way we need to..

Good luck, stay strong, stay okay.

You are needed.x

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