For Who?

Sometimes supports can be used to help that child learn/attend.

But what if what they are trying access is not appropriate?

All we are doing is ticking the attendance box

Who are they for?

Instead we need to look at the environment and will it work for them?

Sometimes support can be (the harsh reality) to provide evidence that ‘they’ did something.

But really, how many have really found those coffee mornings insightful, informative or child centred?

Who are they for?

Instead we need to learn from first hand experience what is really needed.

Sometimes support can be so that we can do what everyone else does.

But what if that is actually for you and not the child.

Who are they for?

Instead we need to listen and learn. Stop the narratives we have grown up on and question ourselves, those around us and the environment.

Can I do better?

What can I do to be what my child needs?

Am I wasting time on this?

What must this feel like for my child?

Because none of us will get the answers with an instant coffee and a self care reminder.

This is support to make their lives easier.

Not our child.

Instead I am saying I’m learning about myself and my child’s experiences so I can share this with others and hopefully we all do better next time.

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