Have you seen the place?

It’s like a beautiful stately home.

(That’ll please the grandparents)

It even does horse riding.

It looks like it’s meant to look.

It ticks the boxes.

And ‘they’ all want the answers.

A quick fix.

A solution.

But I don’t think that swanky building is for us.

Because it’s an advert, it’s selling an aspiration.

A goal we can’t ever quite reach/be like.

(We’ve all seen those Christmas ads)

But that’s not us.

We left that behind a long time ago.

When we realised it was going to take more than ‘the same but smaller.’

Not more training.

Not more micro managing.

We needed flexibility.

We needed totally different.

We needed a total rethink.

So I shed the expectations and ignored the generic questions.

We found our own thing.

We found kindness, emotional consistency, those who ‘just get it’

It’s a lot nicer actually but it doesn’t look like the brochure.

(I actually have a few ideas for my own advert but I couldn’t stand to see the faces in that pitch meeting)

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