Some things I treasure..(like those pre school days when we cooked, read and played)

Some things I put in the bin..(shouting to get to school on time, those sinking feelings when I let comparison creep in)

But all of these things are learning.

We don’t enter this world full of answers- most of the time we are winging it, learning on the job.

No one knows it all, what works for one, might not for another.

(It can’t be your way or the high way)

The world is complicated. We are complicated.

(Even those professionals can’t know it all)

Give yourself a break.

Because we are all learning.

Some of us are further along than others.

But we can share what we know.

We will get it wrong sometimes.

They will get it wrong sometimes.

But change comes from safe spaces, to be able to say sorry.

Change comes from learning.

Change comes from doing a bit better the next time.

Change comes from saying sorry.

Change comes from thinking I won’t do that again.

Change comes from ignoring the unkind ones.

Pass it on..

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