Answers take time.

Answers don’t come from direct questions.

I’m sorry it is not quick or easy, but life isn’t like that.

Life and connections are made over time and with a genuine interest.

You can’t force this to get what you need.

This isn’t about you anyway.

You are meant to be here for us, but you do it your way anyway.

Selective? Slow burner?

Call them what you like but you spend some time and I mean real time and you’ll see.

But you don’t.

Answers come creatively and its not a quick fix, answers take a while and in different ways.

You see, when you have relationships first and foremost you won’t need tick boxes or generic questions because you’ll have the empathetic response that is needed.

You’ll care because you’ve got to know them.

You’ll know how to talk to them and what makes them tick.

This can’t be forced because they’ll totally know if you are not being legit.

(You might need to sit on the floor or just hang out for a while)

This will take time.

This will take genuine interest.

This will take connection.

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