We’ve waited months, years?

I’ve left messages on a phone that’s never answered.

Direct questions.

Generic questions.

Frankly, pointless questions.

You do this and I let you.

(this is the double empathy problem playing out in all its glory)

You even ask me things I don’t want to my child to hear.

I mean, we don’t know you.

I don’t even have your phone number.

But we do this because it might work out, it might help?

Anyway I’ve explained it all now so we’ll just see it through to the end.

We’ve waited this long.

You never know..

Oh wait, now you’ve changed the plan.

But that’s not what you said.

Well, when?

How long?

I think that’s blown it.

I’ve blown it.

Right, I’m going to complain, this isn’t okay.

Oh I forgot, no one answers the phone.

One thought on “Scraps..

  1. “We don’t know you. I don’t even have your phone number”…..but that’s fine, I’ll just bare my soul and inner most fears to you…..

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