I want you to see what you’ve done, that this is not okay.

You kept me in the dark for years and got away with it because I trusted you.

I’m sad, mad and really disappointed.

So I keep trying.

All those meetings that I don’t get paid for.

Those emails and waiting, oh the waiting for the phone calls.(No caller ID- I need to get this)

I want you to hear me.

I want you to do what you should have done years ago.

So I keep trying.

But what’s it going to do?

I’ve already used up a lot of time.

I want to you to see, to change.

But I’m just getting more disappointed.

And this is time I could be with my child. This is time I won’t get back. This is time when my child needs me.

Anyway nothing is a guarantee because life is full of curve balls.

I mean I might get one small ‘win’ but what about the next?

Anything can happen.

The future cannot be fixed or planned it doesn’t work like that.

But what I do know is my child is growing fast and I won’t get this time again.

So I’m not wasting it in another meeting for meetings sake.

(It just makes me feel depressed)

There’s other stuff I want to spend it on.

I just wish you’d see but you won’t.(if you did you wouldn’t be in the job in the first place)

So I’m off to watch telly, I’ve used enough tokens already on this nonsense..

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