Not Helping..

You say these things but what do they actually mean?

When my child is at home and not sleeping and talking.

You can say all you like in the way of positives, but who is that helping?

Not my child who comes home and crashes and breaks.

I try to tell you over and over.

I share this stuff because you are the gatekeeper (or so I thought)

You do not hear what I am telling you.

You let me cry and share things that I don’t want to share.

And you fob me off.

You tell me I don’t need things I actually do.

You tell me I won’t get it anyway.

You are not listening.

Your words are empty.

What are you writing down?

What help is this for my child’s future?

None, but that’s not your problem.

So you pass the buck, the tissue and the head nods on to the next chump.

Anyway “they’ve had a lovely day.”

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