It’s Okay..

When we are working with outcomes, targets and assessments everything is measured and quantified.

Everything has to be proved. Everything must be fixed.

(And there is always a timeframe)

Can you evidence that?

So there is no room for being unsure, or not knowing or even that things just are.

Because we need to explain, we need to know why, so that a solution can be found.

“Why don’t they like..PE/School/Homework/Sports Day?”

But actually, when you step away or back..You get space and you learn about the bits that really matter and what really makes a difference.


It’s okay to say sorry.

It’s okay to work together.

It’s okay to not feel sure.

Targets? Goals?

What matters to many/most is different to what matters to us..

I just hope that one day more places exist who know what we know now too.


It’s okay to remove hierarchy.

It’s okay to work together.

It’s okay to do things differently.

It’s okay because you are okay.. just the way you are.

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