I Smile..

What do you say about me?

When I’m worried that my child has been sat in a corridor for weeks on end and distressed at home..

‘Mums very anxious’

When you talk about the importance of your job and your workload/number of children you have to deal with, again and I break down because I know you won’t help us..

‘Mum was verbally abusive’

So I have to be nice because I don’t know what else you’ve written down.

Assertive could be noted as rude.

So I am amenable, not too knowledgeable.(I’ve heard the horror stories, haven’t we all?)
I nod my head to your banal and obvious suggestions.

And I smile at the scraps you offer.(Because we need whatever help we can.)

I say thank you to the leaflets.
And I smile.

I go to another meeting for meetings sake.
And I smile.

And we carry on with it pretty much the same as it ever was.

And I smile.

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