Healing didn’t come from egg timers, access to a sensory diet, a time out card, meetings or books about autism geniuses (people just like you)

Healing didn’t come from meetings.

Healing didn’t come from a home to school book.

Healing didn’t come from a hub.

Healing didn’t come from group therapy or a checklist.

Healing didn’t come from people we only ever saw once.

Healing came from watching telly.

Healing came from mucking about.

Healing came from being together.

Healing came from staring out the window.

Healing came from pets, slippers, cushions, sofa.

Healing came from pancakes..

2 thoughts on “Healing..

  1. Hits the spot – hitting the mark – as always. Our SENCO included a posting of yours in our recent beginning-of-year briefing to the whole staff last week so your message IS getting across to a wider audience 🙂

    1. Thank you! That is great to hear. I have had a number of schools contact me recently to book me for talks too. I think the only way we can create better outcomes is to work collaboratively with parents and professionals.

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