What you don’t see is dinner being made several times and still not eaten because I bought the wrong brand of sauce and the pan tasted lemony.

What you don’t see is that I’ve sat up half the night trying to settle them and help them switch off (yes they do have a bath/routine)

You don’t see their shorts have been washed and this has tipped them over the edge.

You don’t see the extreme meltdowns.

You don’t see shut downs.

You don’t see the tics.

You don’t see the insomnia.

You see parenting courses, coffee mornings and an anxiety workshop.

You see a game of Uno with their favourite TA twice a week.

You see them tick that afternoon registration.

You see “they are fine when they are here”

Because what you don’t see is what you need to know, my child is not okay.

It is not won’t it is can’t.

So please don’t talk about attendance or resilience because right now, with those reasonable adjustments you’ve made they are surviving.

We are all just surviving..

NB. (and you never see those looks I get at reception when we turn up late again.)

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