Special Unit..




Adaptations, to a point or it’s the other place.

Solutions for who?

I guess it ticks the attendance box.

I tell you that you were born who you were meant to be.

To be proud of your creative, funny, bright and sensitive self.

To be yourself..

(But separately)

I suppose it has a beanbag and some fairy lights but you’d rather be doing DT with your friends.

Inclusion or separation?

We could make it flexible and smaller and more individualised for everyone.

We could relax on the whole nylon blazer and traffic warden school shoes.

We could explore an interest-based curriculum.

We could spend less time on diagnosis and more time on individualised responses.

We could have less children standing out for the differences.

We could move to a more progressive way of learning, reflective of the working world.

Or we could just make a room with a bean bag..

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