Visual Supports..

Dear whom it may concern.

I know you are overworked and overstretched and here I am, being ‘that’ parent and asking you to do this, do that.. Like you haven’t got enough to be getting on with.

I know you feel I am trying to tell you how to do your job and that if I just let those who are paid do their job it would be a whole lot easier.

(I know you’ve done ‘training’ it says so on your lanyard)

I know you just want this sorted because you have a ton of work and a ton of other kids to deal with.

But the thing is, I live with my child. I am with them day and night since the day they were born, so what I am trying to say (politely) is I know my child.

So please, before you fire up the printer and dust down the laminator I want you to know that this will not replace human connection.

Because all humans need connection, my child needs co-regulation.

Trusting relationships are how my child will feel safe and calm.

My child needs time and connection and will be seeking safety from a consistent adult.

While you ask ‘what’s wrong?’ you are getting it wrong because you are not seeing their day through their lens.

That visual support is another demand in a stressful environment that is not designed or considering the neurodivergent experience.

They are stressed, they don’t know if they are ‘in the blue’ or ‘it’s too loud’ they just want to go home.

I mean, if you were upset and hated your job and spent most of it left alone in the corridor, would pointing at a smiley or sad face make you feel any better?

So please do not give them a colour coded emotional scaling system to point at while they’ve been sat alone and dis-regulated.

Give them time, give them validation, give them comfort and calmness, give them connection. Give them human connection.

(And by the way, no one likes clip art)


The professional parent/care giver.

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