How do you describe what life is like?

I often try and articulate- and fail to describe what makes life more tricky.

Why we become anxious (we do not start out this way)
It is the uncertainty, we live in flux, we do not know.

But we are often working with systems that need to measure and assess.
They need to evidence.
They need to tick a box.
Sometimes, always, never?

The inconsistency creates loop holes you see..
“Well they were fine last week, so let’s see how it goes this week”
“I’ll phone you next month”
“No, wait!” (Please)

One thing I know is I live with this all the time and it is not easy.
So please, can you give me something concrete?
Can you say when you will call?
How long will I have to wait?

Does uncertainty + uncertainty = madness?

So I sit in those meetings and I often can’t answer those questions.

“Why is it like that?”
“Have you tried..?”

Waiting for a maybe.
Waiting for something a bit more concrete.

“What is it you’d like us to do?”

One thought on “Uncertainty..

  1. Blimey, this is an accurate description of my life…..I’m sorry, I don’t know and for the fact that I don’t know I’m also sorry…..

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