End Of Term..

End of Term..




Phone calls.

But what is going to happen next year?

How are they going to cope?

I mean, they’ve barely scrapped through the last few weeks.

And now? There’s no time left.

So we phone and we email.

(Oh and everyone in the LA is on bloody leave)

End of term.

Our children are feeling it and we are feeling it.

Uncertainty = Anxiety.

End of term.

Fun times, timetable changes, dress up days, outings.

Changes, changes, changes + exhaustion.

“Do you want to sign the thank you card?”

End of bloody term.

One thing is for certain though.

Is they have you and you will sort it out for them.

You will figure it out, even if there is no solution.

Because they have you.

They may not show they need you, jeez they may even seem mad as hell.

But they need you.

You may feel helpless, you may feel angry, hurt, let down.

They need you.

What will be most important through it all.

Is you just being there for them.

They need you.

And remember we’ve all been there.

We get it.x

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