“Are you ready to learn?”

Harry Thompson – PDA Extraordinaire said going to school he felt he was “preparing for the gallows”

Nervous systems are already in a state of defence.

Disregulated and in hyper arousal.

This is how many begin their day.

“Do you want to point to what you are feeling right now? Are you blue or red?”

“Why do you think you find it hard? Is it too noisy?”

How do you convey to school that your child is surviving every day?

When this has become your ‘normal’?

I mean, what even is a good morning?It can’t be sorted out with some headphones or a visual timetable they need co-regulation and connection.

They need an environment that supports their neurosystem.

They need safety.

They need people to support them.

“But they are fine when they are here”

“They had a lovely day”

This is our child going to school, everyday.

The one you say needs to toughen up.

Now they can’t do it anymore. Now they are at home.

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