Please Sir..

Trudging for days for supplies, gas lighting, sent to the mad house, begging bowls.. “Please sir..”

No we are not in Hogarth painting, I mean we have emails and a telly, but..

Years and years on wait lists.
Trying and convincing to get the right support.
Court Cases (I mean, actual court cases!)
Neurotypicals saying they know what is best for our children.
Prints outs for support.
Sitting in corridors.
No school.
Toughen up.
Get on with it.

This is some of it.
This is what diagnosis brings.

We are made to feel like fakers and freeloaders who are probably piling it on a bit thick or mentally unstable (“mums very anxious”)
So we have to learn more about laws and rights and fill in more forms, send more emails.
We get sent down long fruitless paths to not a lot.

I do wonder what we will think about all this when we look back in a hundred years?

4 thoughts on “Please Sir..

  1. Thank you Eliza – am just sending yet another 400 emails about my son this morning and this weirdly cheered me up xx

  2. “Mum’s very anxious”…..sooooo patronising, oh and no sh*t Mum’s anxious, try living just one day in her life #JustSaying

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