Business Models..

Phoning phone lines that never gets answered.

Leaving voicemails you know will never get returned.

Sometimes I even ring or email random slightly connected people just in case I have found a new secret pathway in.

But what you can’t get your head around is how on earth you can run a system like this?

If you had run your business like this it would have been game over after the first client.

And the unfunny bit is this is kids lives, families’ lives.

Working with a system that either ignores us or thinks we are all out on the take.

Trying to wangle and con.

Who on earth would try and fake and con for this?

It is the worst business model I have ever seen and the worst thing of all is we need it.

So I’m stuck with it.

We are all bloody stuck with it.

Because our children deserve an education

(or something/anything at least.)

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