We didn’t discover a landscape of learning and discovery post diagnosis.

Because..We didn’t get courses on anxiety, masking and burn out.

We didn’t get to hear first hand experiences.

We get told, “it will be fine” and “they will be fine”

How will it be fine?How can it be?

We need to share knowledge and we need honest conversations.

Because being given sticking plasters and blinkers and head tilts is not enough..

Our children are going to a place everyday that does not feel calm or safe.

Yes, some of us eventually get an EHCP, but with or without a document that we can use as leverage to show other places of learning, ultimately what does it mean? What value does it hold?

If we do not have true understanding.

You can schedule in some sensory breaks (that my child won’t take because it will make them stand out from the other children)

You can give them some colours to point at to say they feel mad or sad.

Let’s start by really trying to understand what an average day is like for our children.

It is time we start making some really big changes from the ground up.

Because it is not fine. Our children are not fine.

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