‘We’ve let you in a thousand times; meetings, phone calls, home visits and I’ve even gone on your courses.

You pop in our lives for an hour and then you pop off.

You bring your checklists and your generic questions and then you are gone again.

This isn’t about my child and meeting her needs, this is about evidence for you to say there aren’t any.

It doesn’t make things better, it makes it worse.

My child has learnt to mask in front of authority and you know that but you still come in and ask your generic questions.

There are lots who profit from our children and there are also those that believe the system works and think our children can fixed to make it work.

We can choose and we can politely decline..

So I politely decline.

I can protect my child, that is okay.

It is not in their best interests.

I’ll do the ones I need to do but, the rest? I mean, if you want to come over and build up trust and hang out, that’s fine.

But that’s going to take time and probably money.. Oh wait. You’re busy?

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