“Why don’t you like school?”

“Can you use a knife and fork?”

(true questions asked by an OT recently)

A checklist of deficits is not okay, our children are more than this, they are not a list ‘can nots’.

Anyone who works with our children must understand that trust has to be earned and our children will mask because in these situations.

Our children have learnt to do this.

Building a fun relationship will be the best way to gather information and see what works best for our children.

But this will take time and creative thinking and while services are a list of printed out questions of tick boxes in a one hour visit, they will not get a comprehensive picture of an individual.

But then are these services really for our children or actually to feed back our children are ‘fine’ and don’t meet thresholds?

(So I apologise for allowing them into our home, for that appointment we had waited months for and actually thought we might get some knowledge out of and I keep remember to give these ‘professionals’ a wide berth)

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