Happy Place..

It’s okay, I can fill out another form and write my name, address and date of birth AGAIN.

Sure, I’ll tell you everything over the phone for the third time in a month because even though it’s a bad story, I’ve said it so many times now it’s more like a script anyway.

Yep, I’ll wait another six months for an appointment that will probably be a fifteen minute phone call.

Oh well, I didn’t get your name or department and it was Caller ID and I just told you stuff and you promised to follow it up with an email confirmation and you didn’t.

No, it’s fine honestly. We can reschedule for next month even though I arranged child care for this appointment and you cancelled on the morning of the actual appointment.

I thought I had already told you, but now we have to go through all this again?

Honestly, it is fine.


One day I will lay on a beach on a Greek Island with a pile of books and glasses of ice cold RosĂ©. (NB. Happy Places do not expire and you will will defo go there in the distant future, just can’t say when exactly. Promise.)

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2 thoughts on “Happy Place..

  1. Your posts are so accurate, they make my heart break. Sending all the love and support from someone who is having a very similar experiences x

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