3 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Mum..

  1. You illustrations somehow see into my head Eliza, which is a really powerful and comforting thing when you feel like you are not seen or heard. A ‘professional’ made me feel so discombobulated a few weeks ago that if you’d have asked me my name during the meeting, I don’t think I’d have known it myself! I had to turn to my partner and ask, “Am I an anxious person?” I am lucky he was there to stop me losing my mind. Some people might not be so lucky. I hope they’ve found your work because it helps me so much knowing someone is walking the same path. By the way, my name is Cherry.

    1. Hi Cherry. Thanks for your message. I have written about this too- we often feel we are going mad in these maddening systems and question everything about ourselves as parents and people. Most of us don’t start out as anxious either but become this as we try and navigate these systems of ‘support’ for our children.x

      1. That is so true Eliza. Being made to question yourself in such a baffling and confusing situation is dangerous. My most often repeated phrase to friends is, “Is it just me or…..” x

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