Is it okay though?

Is it okay that school makes them too ill to go?

Is it okay that our children have no other option?

Is it okay we have to fight to get the help or understanding?

Is it okay that we have to battle for funding?

Is it okay we are always waiting?

Is it okay that we give up our jobs to be at home with them?

Is it okay to be told ‘their level of need is not high enough?

‘One thing I can be sure of is that while it’s not always easy, its better than the other option.

We have happiness, calmness and safety now and we never had that before.

So I guess we’ll watch from the safety of our home until inclusion comes.

I just hope she doesn’t feel like it was her fault.

2 thoughts on “Inclusion..

  1. Thank you. As always, this gives a heart-breakingly clear picture of the isolation and trauma many parents/carers of students with additional needs experience instead of anything approaching genuine ‘inclusion’… The government, every education authority and every school needs to hear this message and do something to improve this, starting here and now. I will email a link to this blog to all colleagues at my school, and to friends at others. A journey of ten thousand miles etc…

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