4 thoughts on “Transition. Part 1

  1. Hi Eliza,

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your illustrations. They are so bang on. This one today made me so emotional. The system is disgustingly traumatizing for our kids and our entire family. Even though we are now radically unschooling (which is not really allowed where we live), there are loads of restrictions and I know it’s going to be a battle with our homeschooling rep.

    I love your illustrations because they make me feel less alone and normalize everything I feel about our experiences.


    1. Thanks Libby. It was one of the tougher chapters to write. Looking back at that time I realise how unwell it had made us all. The system is completely maddening and while we met some kind and nice people for many it was just a job while this is our life. We are also at home now (for the last year) and the difference is unbelievable and only highlights how damaging it was for our daughter. She is now asking to do something more and we have found an unusual and inspiring self managed learning college which she is going to try out. We can see the future now! Thanks again for your message, I hope you are allowed to do what is best for your family now x

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