5 thoughts on “Was it my fault?

  1. Another beautiful and moving post, Eliza. Once again you have hit the nail on the head making visible those terrible self-blaming emotions that swirl around a mother’s mind. And of course it is not your ‘fault’, not that ‘fault’ even comes into it. What lovely memories of things you did together. Oh and btw, playing with cardboard boxes is the best!

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  2. Really enjoying your lovely posts and fabulous visuals. I do find it sad the way you, and mothers in general, blame themselves for everything. I remember my wife always thought someone would come and take the children off us if she did something wrong.


    1. Thanks Terry. I think we put a lot of guilt on ourselves as mothers (and parents) especially when the school feel they have done all they can then it often feels the onus is back on us. Those school gates can be a lonely place with other parents with ‘normal’ children too. We are fortunate now as our daughter is at home and receiving specialist tuition and much happier. I think its only when you are put of the ‘system’ you can see how bad it was!

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  3. This one totally got me in all the feels. Early days for us. I’m doing such an average job with such beautiful and beautifully complex children.


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