An individualised and inclusive education system.

Support before it reaches crisis point and its too late.

Parents to be given clear and simple pathways.

No more lies from smiling faces saying we won’t get the help or things aren’t bad enough.

Wraparound, bespoke care packages for our children.

I know all this and this is why I draw the ludicrous systems that break all our families to highlight this, because we are not going away.

But I also know..I will not change this education system- I have seen this week how this government are getting even tougher with all children.

I can’t make it more creative, individualised and progressive.

I can’t stop people using ABA therapy or stuff disguised to look nicer but still as grim on our children.

I won’t make ‘that’ member of staff become kinder because I know the ranks will close in, even when I go to the top (they look after their own. Always)

I can’t read an EHCP because it not only extremely boring but massively triggering.(These are just some of the scars I carry from the worst times.)

I could spend all my time fighting and I won’t ever win it all.

I know that what I will lose is time I could be having with my family, and they will not take that from us.

So I have learnt what I can and can’t do as a parent and advocate.

I pay someone to do our paperwork and I pick our battles..

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