2 thoughts on “A Good Morning..

  1. Just wanted to say Eliza’s Missing the Mark’ blog is fabulous! The pictures and text really give a painfully clear picture about how exhausting, lonely and frustrating the path of parents with children who have additional needs can be, and how unhelpful/inflexible we can be in schools. I’m now an LSA after many years of being a teacher of English/Deputy SENCO and will definitely share this with colleagues. Great course on how to help students with PDA too (Creative Education) by Eliza. Thanks!


    1. Hello Sarah. Thank you for your message! I really hope my blog goes a little way in highlighting the complexities of anxiety, diagnosis and school refusal. I think there are lots of good teachers out there but autonomy has been removed and replaced with more rigid curriculums. It also often feels that diagnosis narrows perceptions of how a child should behave, when we actually need a more individualised response to children’s needs. Unfortunately its too late for our daughter who after eight years broke and was unable to return and I think this is all too often the case for many young people. Lets hope some big changes happen in education soon! Eliza


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